ARLD nano-droplet research is published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

ARLD's research into nanofluid dispensing has unveiled an ultra-sensitive approach to identifying the active biomolecules in animal venom.  These complex mixtures are known to be promising sources of new drugs, but techniques for identifying and isolating the active molecules that target specific cell sites are limited and require relatively large amounts of these rare materials.  

ARLD scientists, in collaboration with CUNY professor Dr. Sebastien Poget, demonstrated a surface-engineered dispensing technique that precisely manipulates nanoliter droplets of precious venom and identifies rare biomolecules that may lead to effective new drugs. This research was published in the article "High-Precision Dispensing of Nanoliter Biofluids on Glass Pedestal Arrays for Ultrasensitive Biomolecule Detection" in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces and can be found at: