KleanBoost™ Coating for Glass

ARL Designs' Anti-Reflective, Anti-Soiling Surface Improves Electrical Output of Solar Panels

KleanBoost™ is ARLD’s multi-functional surface for solar cover glass. The KleanBoost™ surface combines excellent anti-reflective, anti-soiling, and abrasion resistant performance together in one coating. 

Single purpose anti-reflective coatings are becoming standard on solar panels, but panels are vulnerable to soiling and to damage during cleaning operations. KleanBoost™ delivers AR properties equal to the best currently available AR-only coatings (>3% AR gain), plus remarkable anti-soiling (i.e. self-cleaning) behavior, requiring only small amounts of rain or dew to clean dust cover effectively.  The KleanBoost™ surface has proved to be very robust under harsh conditions, surviving the equivalent of 30 years of rain and nine hours of alkali solution immersion.  

Importantly, ARLD's dual-purpose coating technology is intrinsically low cost and processes are compatible with high-volume manufacturing.  The process is amenable to many polymer resins, and can be tailored to suit specific environmental requirements.

A small quantity of water effectively removes 100% of dust covering the glass.

Without ARL Designs' KleanBoost™ coating, washing the glass is ineffective.