ARL Designs develops high performance, low-cost superhydrophobic surfaces for applications ranging from construction materials to medical devices.  By tailoring the surface chemistry and topography, ARL Designs surfaces exhibit self-cleaning abilities along with other desired properties including abrasion resistance, optical transparency, tunable permeability, etc.


Introducing the nDAP system & AIM Lids for 3D cell culture at SLAS2016

The Anchored Immersion Microplate (AIM) Lid debuted at Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS2016) in San Diego in January 2016.  It enables the conversion of standard 2D microplates into a system for 3D cell culture and assays which is seamlessly compatible with all aspects of standard high throughput equipment. Functional lids securely anchor precise microliter volumes of hydrogels that can be repeatedly immersed into media in standard microplates for 3D cell culture and/or compound screening, speeding and simplifying media changes. 

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Alan Lyons spoke at the SLAS2016 meeting in the Digital and Droplet Microfluidics symposium.  Dr. Lyon’s talk:  Nano-Droplet Array Plates (nDAPs): Detection of IFNγ-expressing Cells in Circulating PBMCs Immobilized in Nano-gel Arrays.  Abstract is available at