ARL Designs develops multi-functional surfaces for solar energy, advanced building products, optics, and to advance liquid handling for biotechnology. Surface properties include superhydrophobicity, anti-reflectivity, anti-soiling, precise liquid dispensing, and controlled dropwise condensation.


ARLD  introduces KleanBoost™, a transparent, anti-reflective, anti-soiling coating for solar panels.

Nano textured flouropolymer coating.jpg

Currently, anti-reflective coatings, without anti-soiling properties, are used on 85% of solar panels. ARLD's KleanBoost™ coatings not only deliver comparable to higher (>3%) AR gain, but also impart anti-soiling properties.  This additional functionality is achieved without sacrificing durability, abrasion resistance or cost. The KleanBoost™ coating increases the electrical output of solar PV panels by 5% to 25%, (depending on environmental conditions) through several anti-soiling mechanisms.